Friday, August 5, 2011

Macro add-on lenses

One department in which large-sensor interchangeable-lens cameras do not always surpass simpler pocket digicams is macro photography.

Firstly, the larger the sensor, the much shallower depth of field at the same aperture value. So you grind your teeth, close down the aperture and crank up the ISO to compensate.

Secondly, most interchangeable lenses are not actually designed for macro photography - they cannot focus very closely. So you either buy a special macro lens, which is of course the best option quality-wise, or you just buy a macro add-on lens for the main lens, allowing it to focus much closer but sacrificing a bit of optical quality as is inevitable when you add an extra layer of glass.

I am using the Samsung NX system and a dedicated macro lens has been announced (yippie!!) along with its hefty price tag (arrrgh!!), so I have decided not to wait/save shedloads of money for it, but try macro add-on lenses instead.

Below you will find 100% crops of the same computer display area (along with a stain that I only saw when I viewed the images full-size :) ) illustrating how much detail you can get with the Samsung NX 30mm lens by itself and with at least one macro add-on lens attached - in each case at the closest focusing distance possible.

So the examples go like this: 30mm, +4, +10, +14, +18.
I hope this will be helpful to those facing the same choices that I did :)

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