Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blast from the past

Eleven years ago I bought my first digital camera, a far cry from the digital cameras of today.

My first digital camera back in 2000 was called "Creative Labs Video Blaster WebCam Go" and it was basically a webcam that also took batteries. It had the pitiful resolution of 0.3 megapixel, the lens did not zoom and there was no autofocus and the miniscule monochrome display only showed the number of shots remaining - you could not view the actual images until you downloaded them from the whopping 4 megabytes of internal memory to the computer.

Here then is my first attempt ever at artsy-fartsy digital photography, the image I titled "Dog with Leaf", presented in its full glorious resolution of 640x480 pixels, complete with the fog effect courtesy of the cheap plastic lens. You can just make out that there is a leaf resting on dog's tail, an interesting detail I observed and attempted to convey in this photo without getting too close to the beast. Don't judge too harshly, dear readers/viewers, this is just a walk down memory lane...

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