Monday, September 15, 2014

hit/miss yin/yang

Noticed that a youghurt cap on the kitchen table reflected the sun and the curtain at a certain angle to give this picture. Not much in the grand scheme of things I suppose.

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  1. Nice pic Kirill and a good spot to begin with. As you know i am banned on WATRB so i am unable to comment on any of your posts or contact you. Just wanted to say i have noticed a change in your views over the last few months on the site. You come across now with a real love for rangers and seem genuinely pissed off with the way the club is being run and the people in charge. I can remember way back being almost the lone voice warning against Fernandes so it warms my heart to see the torch carried on after my demise :-) Maybe i could also claim a smidgen of credit for sowing the seeds of discontent in you? :-) ...Anyway, keep it up it is vastly entertaining! cheers...Vblockranger Say hi to the gang! (sorry to post here in such an off topic way. Please delete once read)


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